Frank Edwards – THE AFRO GOSPEL EP | Full Album Download
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  • Artist: Frank Edwards
  • Runtime: 20 minutes, 5 Songs
  • Genre: Gospel

Frank Edwards, a Nigerian veteran gospel music singer, has undoubtedly made a significant impact on the gospel music scene with his soul-stirring melodies and inspiring lyrics. Throughout his illustrious career, he has garnered a massive following, not just in Nigeria but also across the globe, as he continues to touch hearts and uplift spirits through his music.

"The Afro Gospel" marks the latest chapter in Frank Edwards' musical journey. With this highly anticipated project, he seeks to bridge the gap between traditional gospel music and the vibrant, rhythmic sounds of Afrobeat, a popular genre that originated in Nigeria and has since spread its influence worldwide. By infusing gospel messages with Afrobeat elements, Frank Edwards creates a captivating and unique fusion that appeals to a diverse audience.

One of the defining aspects of Frank Edwards' music is the powerful message he conveys through his songs. His lyrics are often deeply rooted in faith, hope, and the love of God. Many of his tracks serve as a testament to his unwavering belief and his personal relationship with God. Listeners find solace in his music, as it brings them closer to their faith and inspires them to overcome life's challenges with unwavering positivity.

In "The Afro Gospel," Frank Edwards has carefully crafted a selection of tunes that not only celebrate his Nigerian heritage but also showcase the rich cultural diversity present in gospel music. The fusion of Afrobeat rhythms with heartfelt gospel lyrics creates an uplifting and infectious atmosphere that is both refreshing and invigorating.

Frank Edwards' versatility as an artist shines through in this album, as he seamlessly transitions between lively, high-energy tracks that make you want to dance, and soulful, melodic ballads that evoke deep emotions. His soulful voice, coupled with the skillful production of the album, delivers a sonic experience that leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

As word of "The Afro Gospel" spreads, it is expected to become an anthem of hope and encouragement for many. Frank Edwards' ability to connect with his audience on a personal and spiritual level is what sets him apart as a gospel music icon. His genuine passion for his craft and his dedication to spreading positivity and love through his music have endeared him to fans and fellow musicians alike.

With "The Afro Gospel," Frank Edwards continues to push the boundaries of gospel music, making it more accessible to a wider audience while staying true to its core principles. The album's release is met with eager anticipation from his fans and the music industry as a whole, as they eagerly await another masterpiece from this exceptional artist.

In summary, "The Afro Gospel" stands as a testament to Frank Edwards' musical prowess and dedication to sharing messages of faith, love, and hope through his soul-stirring melodies and inspiring lyrics. This latest project is sure to uplift spirits and touch hearts, leaving a profound impact on all who listen to its powerful message and captivating tunes.


Frank Edwards THE AFRO GOSPEL EP Tracklist


Holy Afro

Frank Edwards

Hallelujah Afro

Frank Edwards

Worship Afro

Frank Edwards

Nothing Impossible Afro

Frank Edwards


Frank Edwards


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